Welcome to Fine Print Design Studio

Welcome to Fine Print Design Studio 

As we embark on the new year, I am launching Fine Print Design Studio. This idea has been in the works for many many months and has finally come to fruition. I am checking off this first resolution of launching Fine Print Design Studio and building a brand that I am proud of.  I hope that our new site will be a place for me to share my visions, thoughts, and dreams, and display my artwork with you all.

MimiCalligraphy will continue to stay intact to be the launching grounds for new calligraphers with resources, tools, and guides; and I will continue to run @handletteredabcs with @kaycalligraphy from @mimicalligraphy. 

Follow me as I dive into this endeavor that scares me; break out of your comfort zone, challenge yourself, and do something that scares you. It isn’t until we break free from our comfort zone that our true potential shines through. Download my habit tracker to help you track your progress of creating good habits or kicking bad habits one day at a time. It’s when we become accountable for our actions, that we really see growth and improvement. I hope you achieve your goals this year. Here are some words that might help you figure out your resolution for the year: compassion, empathy, goodness, gratitude, improvement, kindness, love, mindfulness, opportunity, perseverance, persistence, self-control, success.

Share with us your resolution for 2018. 



Mimi Nguyen